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100 per cent transparent, independent financial advice

Wholly independent of any provider or group of providers, Regency IFA offers a range of financial advice solutions, each tailored to suit the demands of its clients throughout south-east England, from Dover and Sandwich to Deal and Canterbury, allowing you to make wise financial decisions based on meticulous research, expert analysis and decades of experience.

The Confident Future Solution

Charged according to a pre-defined pricing structure, Regency IFA’s Confident Future Solution programme offers three levels of service with a total of five different advice programmes to suit your individual needs.

The Basic Level

The Basic level offers two programmes: the Basic Programme which is a ‘one-off’ service, and the Basic Plus Programme, which includes an annual simplified financial review.

The Standard Level

The Standard level is an annual review programme which satisfies most clients’ requirements. In addition to the yearly review meeting, Regency IFA will obtain mid-term update by way of a brief form. This enables Regency IFA to have an opportunity to identify any issues that may require attention before the next annual review.

The Masters Level

The Masters level offers two bespoke programmes to fit the specific needs of clients who require a higher level of service: the Masters programme and the Masters Plus programme. The Masters programme provides quarterly investment reviews and rebalancing without the need for additional meetings, along with additional discounts for a range of other financial services, such as transaction fees.

The Masters Plus programme allows for the incorporation of additional bespoke elements as required, and also offers further service and product discounts.

The expense of each client’s first appointment is fully covered by Regency IFA; there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to sign up immediately, and all conversations are completely confidential.

A trusted independent financial advisor centered on clients, driven by passion

Regency IFA offers advice on

  • Planning for Retirement Pensions, including SIPPs and stakeholder pensions
  • Post-retirement planning Including annuities, drawdown, non-pension income
  • Investments and savings Including children’s savings, bonds, ISAs and OEICS for generating income and/or growth
  • Personal Protection Life assurance, critical illness cover and income replacement
  • Business Protection Including keyman and shareholder protection
  • Director and Employee Benefits Auto-enrolment Pension schemes, Director’s Pensions, group life and income protection

Please note that Auto Enrolment advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Regency IFA sees clients by appointment.

Please feel free to contact us to book your first appointment or for more information on any of Regency IFA’s financial advice services.