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About Regency Independent Financial Advisers

In 2001, Regency Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) was established in Dover, built on the passion and visionary thinking of its founder Barry Williams Dip PFS.   For over a decade, Regency IFA has helped clients throughout south-east England make sound investments through its Confident Future Solution programme. By operating on a fee-based system, Regency IFA’s service is never motivated by third-party commissions, but solely by the commitment to providing meticulously researched, reliable financial advice.

Meet the team

Barry Williams

Barry Williams

Director and Adviser

Barry has been involved in a large number of local organisations and initiatives.

These include having been chairman of the Dover District Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Hellfire Corner Association (organising the Dover Armed Forces Day event) and for 12 years was an elected member of Dover District Council.

He remains a founder member of Canterbury BNI with over 19 years membership and is chairman of Trustees for the Dover Federation for the Arts Multi-Academy Trust.  All of these roles contribute to his extensive financial experience that underpins his approach to business.

Mark Greenstreet

Mark Greenstreet

Financial Assistant

Mark has over 30 years of stock market and economic experience, mostly gained within his spare time.

His enthusiasm and passion for the financial industry has been reflected in his yearning to learn by undertaking the IFA official qualification route to augment his own experience.

Mark attends various networking groups and has built good rapport with clients and through his understanding of financial markets can interact well with potential clients.

Hazel Howard

Hazel Howard


Hazel joined Regency in July 2017 and has settled into the team well.

Her previous employment in Legal and Insurance work means she has a good understanding of the regulatory and confidential nature of our business and experience of a busy office.

Hazel acts as a treasurer and trustee for a number of local organisations and her attention to detail and organisational skills are a great asset.

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Regency IFA’s story

Regency IFA founder Barry Williams began his career as a financial adviser in 1989 before starting an IFA company in 1998, together with four partners.

Although conventional industry thinking at that time dictated that a fee-based advice service would not work in the mass market, Barry could not ignore the flaws of the traditional commission-based model in which most of an advisor’s income was derived from commission by generating transactions.

He believed that clients would appreciate a fee-based system in which commission played no part for pensions and investment services, assuring them that the financial advice they received would be 100 per cent independent and reliable.

His views led Barry to establish Regency IFA in 2001, and to spend the next three years researching, developing and transitioning to a fee-based advice model. In July 2004, with his new system fully in place, Barry stopped taking clients on a commission-only basis.

The Financial Services regulator finally decided to take action on the very issues Barry was concerned with, and commission-based advice models were outlawed in January 2013.

Today, a full decade after bucking the commission-based standard, the Regency IFA model is now well-established as a system to charge for work done, services delivered, and results achieved.

Barry remains at the forefront of Regency IFA, working directly with clients to help them make the best possible investments, fuelled by the same passion for finance he’s had since 1989.

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